Garrick Monaghan

Chief Of Staff

Garrick joined Riaz Capital in early 2019 after working toward political solutions to the Bay Area’s housing crisis. Prior to joining the team, Garrick supervised electoral and advocacy political campaigns, including managing a campaign for a seat on San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors. He also advocated for California statewide solar policy and ran field offices in North Carolina and Florida during the 2016 presidential election. Garrick holds a BA in History from Pomona College.

Through his work in several industries, Garrick has tackled pressing issues and striven to make the world a better place. From producing documentary film to leading teams registering voters in underrepresented communities, he has never shied away from uncomfortable truths and has always remained optimistic for a better future. In joining Riaz Capital, Garrick hopes to address the existential crisis of workforce housing in the Bay Area and propose a new path forward for the region he’s proud to call home. In his free time Garrick plays volleyball and explores the Bay Area by bike and on its many trails.