Ananta Sen

Business Development Analyst

Ananta joined Riaz Capital in September 2019 as the Business Development Analyst to support the CEO and Chief of Staff in the overall development of external relationships as well as daily operations of the company. She is involved in helping to accomplish fundraising, business development, investor relations, and marketing goals. Ananta holds an MBA from the University of California, Davis which she completed just before starting work at Riaz Capital. Ananta also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Finance and Investment from the University of Edinburgh (UK), a Post-Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management from the University of California, Santa Cruz and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Birla Institute of Technology, India. Prior to working at Riaz Capital and before her MBA, Ananta worked in various well-established and mission-driven companies, including Deloitte in India and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) in San Francisco. She held investor relations, marketing, and business intelligence roles in her previous roles.

Ananta moved to the Bay Area in 2015 after having lived and studied in India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Oman. She found herself a perfect fit in a company that enables talented professionals in the Bay Area to find an affordable and comfortable housing solution without compromising their quality of living. In her free time, Ananta enjoys exploring restaurants in the Bay Area and around the world in search for the best seafood and ice cream, in addition to swimming and biking.