Our core competency has been in mid-market multi-family re-positioning. Our principals have been successfully operating in the East Bay multifamily market since 1999.  Currently we own and operate 900+ units with building size ranging from 6-71 units. At the development level, we currently employ 16 people including three lawyers and two CPA’s.

In the late 1990’s and again in the late 2000’s, Riaz Inc. recognized that the economic growth in the bay area would lead to a change in the demographics of Oakland. This led to an opportunity during the downturns to acquire value-add properties in various neighborhoods of Oakland to match specifications of higher end real estate product. As such, people were able to make a location trade while making a quality of life upgrade. This resulted in increased rents for mid-market housing (some as high as a 100% increase from 2009 to 2013).

From 1999 to 2011, the principals of Riaz Inc. purchased 467 units in Oakland, which if sold today would result in a 4.5x equity multiple on invested equity(currently a 44% LTV and DSCR of 1.55). In 2012, the principals of Riaz Inc. and it’s affiliates created a value-add investment vehicle (RTS Investments, LLC) to accelerate this goal. Since 2012, the fund has purchased 145 units which if sold today would result in a 3.5x equity multiple on invested equity (currently a LTV of 43% and a DSCR of 1.85).

The above resulted in performing over 160 projects (residential and multi-family) including over 20 re-development projects in his career, consisting of over 70 million in total construction volume.


Oakland has benefited directly from the region’s economic growth and is attracting an increasing portion of the region’s creative class and educated workforce. Oakland is honing its own distinct style, shopping and food scene, with a comparison to Brooklyn now well documented, most recently and notably in the New York Times in May 2014. Riaz Inc. has observed these trends directly from its vantage point managing an East Bay portfolio over 15 years.

We know this market as well as anyone and have never been more excited about its near-term growth potential. The City of Oakland is supportive of new development in the transit-accessible West Oakland, Uptown/Broadway, and Lake Merritt neighborhoods. The City has issued long-range plans for each of the areas encouraging large-scale multi-family development. We think the City’s leadership is creating a political environment that will catalyze the development process in the near-term. The Bay Area’s expanding Millennial workforce needs affordable, transit accessible small format housing. Oakland presents a unique



The Bay Area is an amazing place to work and live.  Along with our Asset and Property Management teams, we are working on a number of very exciting adaptive reuse and ground-up projects that provide for current and future residential, transit-oriented, shared working, and workforce housing trend.



With over $100 million in assets under management, our Asset Management department specializes in mid-market multi-family acquisitions in the East Bay and luxury developments in San Francisco.

Our projects and funds have generated returns that are significantly above market and we are now excited to offer two new fund opportunities. Learn More >



Our brokerage department specializes in residential and commercial transactions throughout the Bay Area with a primary focus on residential properties in San Francisco. We are able to offer a more comprehensive representation than a traditional broker by utilizing the expertise and resources of the other divisions under the Riaz Group of companies.


Riaz Capital currently holds a dynamic portfolio of over 800 apartments in the east bay with buildings ranging from 6-71 units.

Our entrepreneurial investment approach over 40 years consistently places Riaz Capital at the forefront of Oakland’s revitalization efforts and the East Bay multi-family housing market by identifying up-and-coming neighborhoods.



Our Real Estate Consulting department offer clients a wide variety of general consulting services related to our clients' individual real estate needs. These include advising on existing real estate holdings, analysis of potential acquisitions and optimization of our clients' real estate portfolio by leveraging the Riaz Group as well as our extensive network of real estate experts.



Riaz Design’s unique vision has produced some of San Francisco’s most distinctive residences.  Our integrated approach allows us to streamline the entire design experience, ultimately creating stylish, sophisticated homes that enhance the lives of our clients.  We offer an array of services, from interior finishes to full-scale ground-up projects, with a consistent approach: we balance luxury and form with value and function.  >

The Riaz Build team focuses on emphasizing craftsmanship and efficiency. We combine the expertise and resources of a large company with the refreshing personal relationships of a smaller firm, and serve as a one-stop shop to meet all the needs of our clients. We offer a refreshing departure from the contractor/architect model, approaching the construction process with the eye of a creative designer and the mind of a sensible developer.   We have implemented 60+ projects over the last decade, ranging from interior remodels to multi-unit development projects. We deliver exceptional products that remain design-driven, while sensitive to time and budget.  >

Riaz Life is here to manage your most precious commodity — your time. Our experience in lifestyle management brings foresight and sound judgement to any imaginable scenario, from fixing a leaky sink to planning your next holiday party.  We apply our wide network of resources to our clients' individual lifestyle needs.   >